Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Taxonomy of Reflection

Early in the year I shared with you a way to think about developing student reflection. We were discussing student portfolios and the power of reflection in assessing learning. Here is the link to Peter Pappas' Taxonomy of Reflection. Brilliant little reminder for helping us to deepen reflection...

Read more...  A Taxonomy of Reflection: Critical Thinking For Students, Teachers, and Principals (Part 1)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some of My Favorite Web-based Assessment Tools

Thinglink is a great tool to construct individual or collective knowledge, reflections, ideas or opinions about anything - all in one place. Here I've asked others to help me 21st Century-ize this classroom. Hover over the nubbins to see what folks have to say.

This is a tool that allows students to create web-based graphic organizers. They can create alone or with others to organize their ideas and share their understanding. Students log in to a free popplet account and can create or join up to 5 popplets.

With this tool you can create questions that students respond to by recording themselves. Here are some sample videos that students created in their culinary class with Mrs. Berray.

http://flipgrid.com/#3298deac - mincing garlic

http://flipgrid.com/#205474bc - reaction to Food Inc

Monday, November 11, 2013

Using Google's URL Shortener

Using Goo.gl you can shorten your URL Shortener and while you are at it, create a QR code!
  • Go to http://goo.gl/
  • Type in the URL of the website and select Shorten URL
  • Right Click to save or copy the QR code
  • Paste the the link and QR Code into new document

Google's URL shortener is also an free extension in the Chrome web store. Add it to your browser for easy shortening as you browse!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Creating Timelines with Timeline JS

Create a timeline using just a Google spreadsheet! Include images, text and even cite your sources. Check out my timeline called, Shrinking Indian Lands.

Sharing a Google Survey (Form)

Google forms for surveys have changed the way they are shared! If you want others to take your survey, you keep it private and share the link. If you make it public survey responders can now also edit the survey!

  1. Once your survey is ready, Go to File - Send Form
  2. Copy the link to share and send this to your survey audience.