Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tech Tools for Creating and Sharing

Here is a short list of tech tools you might want to use for publishing your projects. Whether its sharing artifacts on your Google Site, jazzing up your Weebly site, or publishing to a blog, there are a variety of ways you can showcase your creations. 

Make your image interactive!
Create animated cartoon strips!

Make your image talk!

Create a fake profile for historical character

Make a Word Cloud!

Create a timeline using a google spreadsheet template

Monday, December 8, 2014

Learn to Code, Code to Learn!

UMA 6th graders rocked the TIES conference this year!! For 2 hours our students helped teachers and administrators explore, play, create, and learn about coding. Way to go High Tech Learning!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Learning Creative Learning 2

I just joined the Learning Creative Learning community @medialabcourse which is an open, online "course" through MIT Media Lab. The idea is to build a community where educators, designers and researchers can share ideas about creative learning. Check out the discussion at #lcltalk2. Our first session started with a tour of the Media Lab. What a great space for co working! Collaborative spaces for cross fertilization of ideas, ping pong tables for informal interaction (an important part of the learning process), and glass everywhere for transparency of the work/play. I created my first sketchnotes from the session.

One of my big take aways was the spiral visual for the process of creative learning. I love the language and the playfulness it evokes. Imagining, then creating something, tinkering and playing with it, sharing it with friends for feedback and imagining a new way with the collective information and ideas.

Imagine (ideas)
Create (do something)
Play (experiment)
Share (collaborate with others)
Reflect (on new ideas)
Imagine (a new way) and begin the process again!

Monday, March 3, 2014


In all of the excitement of creating and thinking about Makerspaces for students, I realize that I don't allow enough time for my own making. So today I created a paper animation on making. I used a cool app on my iphone called, iStop camera remote along with iStop motion software on my mac. Slick.

Anyone else finding time for making? What are you making?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thinglink for 9th Grade Book Review

Students in Ms. Derricott's 9th grade classroom have been participating in literature circles all year. They wrapped up their discussion of the book 'Jerk' and created a Thinglink book review. You can see a sample here...